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+++ mated on March 10th, 2022 +++


Anusheh vom Ahlabub 


(Iranpars Cawush x Al Sarab Iranbanu)

born: Feb 9, 2015

bred by: Mark Rössler & Martina Wernsdörfer, Germany

owned by: Al Sarab

Anoush is the German daughter of Iranpars Cawush (son of two Iranian imports) and Al Sarab Iranbanu from our breeding. Anoush has been an energetic and lively girl, now becoming calmer & more dignified. She's open, fearless and stays cool in most situations & loves people. She started out well in lure coursing until she had an injury, and after this lost her will, reason being unclear. Her hunting instinct is very strong nonetheless. Anoush has been shown only a few times, but with the result Excellent.

Heart ultrasound - OK (Jan 2022)

Eye screen - OK (Oct 2019)

Thyroid panel - OK, TgAA negative (Feb 2022)


FI LC & Racing CH

Jaisalmer Abayomi


(FI LC & R Ch Ruweis Haytham x 

FI R Ch Tâdj-Mahâl Jala-Kalila)

born: Nov 7, 2015

bred by: Päivi Lehtikangas, Finland

owner: Harri Niemi, Finland

Kadir has been very successful in both lure coursing and track racing, like his sire FI LC & Racing Ch Ruweis Haytham. His dam Racing Ch Tâdj-Mahâl Jala-Kalila is a very fast runner and passed on this talent to her son. Kadir has an open, friendly character and is a very focused runner with great nerves.

Heart ultrasound - OK (aug 2021)

Eye screen - OK (sep 2021)