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 ~ since 1970

Al Sarab salukis

~ Salukis since 1965

(update 3 Feb. 2018)

Breeder Links

Private saluki pages

Zain - Al Sarab Indivar's daughter El Riyah Zain Talih, his grandchildren Bahjat and Darunah & other relatives of Al Sarab I-litter

Sahib al Jalala (offline) - Al Sarab Indivar's son El Riyah Zain Tamur

Minna's salukis (offline) - our Nasima's brother Asarafi Nabonassar

Shekarchee (offline) - our Barir's father Abraca de Diba of Boorchin, as well as sighthound collars & art of Viktoria Guwallius 

Shekarchee on Facebook

Adhira - Lottie's son Asarafi Paiman Du-Rang

Scala Caeli's (offline) - Towazdaa, niece of Lottie, cousin to our I-litter

Scala Caeli's on Facebook