~ since 1970

Al Sarab salukis

~ Salukis since 1965

Al Sarab Indivar-Shayan


b. 29. 07. 2010

JC - Junior Courser

Pedigree      I-litter

Colour: Irish marked shaded grizzle (at/at, Eg/e, KB/ky)

Owned by: Stephanie Annee, Georgia, USA

Offspring: El Riyah Zain-litter, b. 17.3. 2012

3 years old:

Indy-kids born March17th, 2012

Talih, Tamur, Safiyah, Marisi, Arsalaan and Marjaan (7 weeks) 

almost 19 months:

The beautiful dam of Indy's litter: El Riyah Haalah Zaynah  (Haalah's Aeolian Eurus x Asarafi Lamii Li Haalah)


 16 months:

15 months:

the young couple engaged!


 14 months: 

13 months:

12 months:

 nearly 12 months:


11 months:

chasing a grasshopper :) 



tug of war with Zafar


Indy & Farasha


 10 months: 

Indy at the SCOA National in Lexington, June 2011



['Indivar'=the flower Blue Lotus, 'Shayan'=deserving, worthy, meriting (Persian)]

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