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Al Sarab salukis

~ Salukis since 1965

Al Sarab Imaan-Shetab


29. 07. 2010 ~ 08. 10. 2014

Run free, dear, sweet boy. 

You will never be forgotten, you're in our hearts forever.



Colour: dark grey & cream grizzle 

(at/at, Eg/e, ky/ky)

Roope was not health tested, but he never showed any visible health problems. A blood sample of him was given to The Canine Genetic Research project of the University of Helsinki. Roope was sadly euthanized by his owners at the age of 4 due to behavioral problems that became too stressful for them.

Roope lived in the city, where he was constantly confronted with people, dogs, bikers etc on the street, which made him go out of control and bark and lunge. At home he was the sweetest of dogs and well behaved in his own pack. He was not aggressive by nature, but he was shy, and, so we were told, did not have the best nerve structure. This was his way to cope, to go in defense towards what caused him stress.

Our offer to take him back to us, where he could live on the countryside with less stimuli and more free exercise, was turned down. It was not believed he could adapt to a new pack. We will never know. With our - although limited -knowledge of him, and having met him a few times where he did not seem out of his mind at all, just a bit suspicious of strangers and having a lot of energy - we think he could have re-adapted, as our home was his birthplace and not a totally strange one. 

In our opinion, euthanasia is the last option when there are no other alternatives AND after other solutions have been discussed and tried out. We were merely informed a few days in advance, and our agreement in the contract to be a part of such a desicion, should it be necessary, was ignored. There was no interest in any of our thoughts or advice during his life and we were unaware of the severity of his problems up until 3 days before his death. Instead we were promptly accused of wanting to put the blame on them for his problems - for asking questions and making friendly suggestions.

We do believe Roope was loved and well taken care of, except a saluki like him could have needed more off-leash exercise to take the edge off his behaviour. But the mistrust towards us the breeders and the lack of interest in any advice from anyone else, was saddening and disappointing. Yes, an owner knows his/her dog the best, but we should not be too proud to listen to thoughts and advice of other people with experience of the breed, in the best interest of our dogs. And the breeder of your dog should not be seen as your enemy, but someone who also loves your dog and only wants the best for him. 

Maybe this was the best solution for Roope, or maybe he could have thrived in a different environment. We won't know. 
Run free, beautiful boy ☼