Welcome to Al Sarab

Salukis since 1965

Al Sarab Ifrah Imene


b. 29. 07. 2010

Pedigree          I-litter

Colour: Irish marked shaded grizzle particolour

(at/at, Eg/e, KB/ky)

Owned by: Marjo Winter and Elina Winter

Nessi is a true photo model!

January 2014:



Nov-Dec 2013:








May 2013:



 near 3 years:




2,5 years:





 22 months:

Nessi on the Club's Specialty in Helsinki (9.6.12) She got Very Good by David R. Miller (USA)


Always happy and friendly like her mum ♥

* * *

16 months:


25 months:

['Ifrah'=pretty, 'Imene'=dream (African)]